Angola Travel Health Form (FRV)

All Citizens wishing to travel to Angola must make their Travel Registration form.

Angola Travel Health Registration

All Citizen wishing to travel to Angola must obtain their Angola Health Travel Registration form. In the context of the prevention against the COVID-19 pandemic, a Travel Registration Form (FRV) was created, with the aim of obtaining information on the characterization of passengers wishing to travel to Angola. For an effective and efficient management of the pandemic, the health authorities of Angola must take note of their trip to Angola, to ensuring the proper health control that the State of Public Calamity requires.

Angola Travel Form Steps

Step 4 – Once in Angola, you will be accompanied by the health authorities, and you must strictly comply with the Quarantine for 7 days.

Step 5 – After 7 days, the passenger must undergo a SARS-COV-2 test. The end of home quarantine is determined by issuing a discharge certificate, provided that the test result is negative.

Upon arrival in Angola, you will have to present your passport, Angola Visa get Angola visa along with your printed Travel Form code to certify the authenticity of the request. and all the documents you submitted with your application.

    processing-documents Angola FRV Requirement Step

  • Step 1 – The Passenger must complete the Travel Registration Form (FRV). The Passanger must complete one for each member of your family, including each minor travelling. It's necessary to fill in
  • FRV for ALL passengers wishing to travel to Angola;
  • You will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your FRV.
  • Step 2 – The Passenger receives by e-mail, a travel record for Angola.
  • The Passenger is entitled to travel to Angola, if he fulfills the necessary requirements for the travel.
  • NOTE: We recommend prior registration must be done up to 72 hours before the date of travel. Failure to comply with this recommendation may hinder or inhibit the journey.

Angola Travel Form

Easy and Fastest Process

Angola travel Form Embassy Registration

If you have already purchased your ticket and are already registered with an Angolan Embassy abroad, as part of the ongoing repatriation, you do not need to re-register, the information you provided to the embassy will ensure your registration.

The launch of Angola Health Form

From the launch of the FRV, we suggest that you register to return with a minimum of 72 hours in advance, so that. Receive a specific notice that your request for return to Angola is properly registered.

Step 1


Submit online appplication in 3-5 minutes, review and make payment with credit card or PayPal

Step 2


Receive Comfirmation of Pre-arrival Registration Via e-Mail. Take the printed copy along.

Step 3


Upon arrival in Angola, you will have to present your passport along with your Angola travel torm Registration.

Angola Travel Form Costs

Our professional travel assistance services include: support and submission of your visa apppcation to immigration, providing information regarding apppcation status and results via email or similar types of communication.

  • Government fee pay at arrival
  • US$00

  • service Fee
  • €45.00Euro

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