Angola Visa Application Form - Tourist and Business

Angola Visa Application Form - Tourist eVisa on Arrival.

Angola Tourist Visa

Angola Visa Application Registration For Tourist and Business: Tourist visa is granted by Angolan diplomatic and consular missions to foreign citizens wishing to enter the Republic of Angola, in recreational, sports or cultural visit.

Angola Visa Validition Information

The tourist visa must be used within 60 days following the date of issue, is valid for one or multiple entries, allows the stay in Angola for a period of up to 30 days and can be extended once for an equal period.

The tourist visa does not allow its holder to establish residence in Angola or the exercise of any paid activity.


The tourist / business visa requested on this website is covered by Presidential Decree No. 56/18 of 20 February, which establishes the exemption regime and the procedures for simplification of administrative acts for granting a tourist visa, and only covers citizens. of the countries mentioned in that diploma..


Photocopy of Passport recognized in the Republic of Angola for at least 6 months: A copy of the passport page displaying data and photo, Maximum file size - 70 KB, Image format - JPEG;

White Background Photography: A standard size photo. Width (381-571) pixels, Height (496 - 744) pixels, Maximum file size - 200 KB, Image format - JPEG;

Angola Visa Vaccine Certificate: Valid International Vaccine Certificate;.

Proof of Accommodation: Hotel reservation or proof of accommodation;.

Proof of Livelihood: Proof of Livelihood equivalent to 200USD for each day of stay in the territory;.

Air Ticket Reservation: Air Ticket Reservation with return;

Visa fee: 120USD paid in cash at the border;

Images of supporting documents should be scanned in black and white with a resolution between 100dpi and 150dpi in JPEG or TIFF format. Max. tiff - 15360Kb (15Mb). Max. JPEG each 350Kb image.

Angola Visa Fines for Non-Compliance:

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